Sunday, October 6, 2013

The inspiration of asserting the presence of 100 simultaneous art installations across a city, interventions where, each one in its own way activates a space, creates an aesthetic experience and, at the same time, usurps the domination of our public urban spaces by both corporations and governments. But the 100 in 1 day event is even more than just that: it is an invitation to civic engagement.

Too many of us living in modern democracies have become lazy, jaded or both when it comes to civic engagement. With voter turnout in federal elections hovering at around 60%, many Canadians do not even feel a duty to have a hand in choosing our government. Municipal elections fare even worse: Vancouver’s municipal election in 2011 brought out only 35% of the eligible electorate; Montreal’s last election drew only 40% of voters. In this year’s upcoming municipal election, at least one borough mayor and several city councillors have won their positions by acclamation. This dismal state of civic engagement is something that 100 in 1 Day is, in my opinion, attempting to address, albeit from an oblique angle.

How often in an average day do any of us get to engage in meaningful discussions on international politics, local politics, art, etc. with strangers of all nationalities and walks of life? This is the kind of civic engagement that has been created today by the 100 in 1 Day event, a hundred times over in pockets of activity across the city. With it origin in 2012 in Bogota, Colombia (in collaboration with Copenhagen’s Kaospilots), chapters have emerged this year in South Africa, North America and Europe.

The intention of 100 in 1 is quite closely aligned with that of Origamilitantisme. By producing an innocuous-looking art piece in a public space with simple origami birds that appeal to young and old alike, Origamilitantisme has been able to attract a wide array of observers, commentary and engagement with passers-by. My guess is that most of the people who stop to talk with us would not be inclined to seek out an art gallery, yet their attraction to the public act of creating a work of art was palpable. For me this is part of the magic of taking part in a public intervention.

Our collective is by its very mandate a creature of politics, so any discussion that we have with observers quickly goes in that direction. And many of those who watched, assisted or spoke to our members today ran with the opportunity to pass commentary on contemporary and historical issues, including subjects as diverse as politics, art, climate change, the security state. This is no ordinary thing. Most of us are too busy, too shy, too alienated, or in too much of a rush to get somewhere else to take the time to talk with strangers about anything, let alone things that actually matter.

In this magical way, an art installation can become the site of civic engagement and democratic participation.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Participez le 5 octobre 2013 au festival "100 en1 jour Montréal"!!!

Origamilitantisme sera dans Place du Canada à partir de 11h du matin jusqu'à 20h, le samedi 5 octobre. Pour les curieux, venez nous rencontrer et nous aider dans cette installation in situ!

Pour connaître les interventions qui auront lieu:

Origamilitantisme est l'intervention #7

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!


Participate in the "100 in1 day Montreal Festival" on October 5th 2013!!!

Origamilitantisme will be at Place du Canada from 11 am until 8 pm this Saturday in collaboration with 100 en 1 jour Montréal 100 in 1 day day. A collaborative on-site installation awaits those who are curious to help in its creation or simply watch as it develops throughout the day!

To learn about the interventions that will take place please visit:

Origamilitantisme is intervention #7

See you soon!" - CA

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disclaimer: The members of the collective Origamilitantisme do not support the controversial "Quebec Charter of Values".

Pacifest 2013 - Montreal

Origamilitantisme was honoured with an invitation to take part in the celebration of International Peace Day, a world-wide, UN-sponsored event created in 1981 to promote peace education and cultural events advocating for peace across the world. This year's celebration in Montreal took place at Peace Park on St-Laurent Boulevard.

Organised by small local chapters, but coordinated internationally, this little-known event unfortunately does not attract a lot of media attention, at least not in the Montreal area. Organisers said that they tried to engage the mainstream media - radio and television - but there was little interest in picking up the story. There may have been a couple of hundred people at the site throughout the day, a bit of a disappointing turnout. In these times, when the thunderous drums of war are heard around the world, we are greatly in need of contemplative moments of sanity and solidarity, where we can celebrate together the common goal of cultivating peace amongst ourselves at home and between nations.

The atmosphere at Peace Park was festive and congenial nonetheless, with speeches from Jean Trudel, President of the local chapter of the Cercle de Paix, and Chief Dominique Rankin, once Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation, who travelled to the UN headquarters in New York for the opening ceremonies of Peace Day. Music and family activities followed.

Peace Day celebrations also took place in Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Origamilitantisme: Carolina Aponte, Melanie Murphy, Judith Brisson

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dedication to Origamilitantisme by Osiris Ramos

Collaboration avec Cercle de Paix

  • La Place de la Paix - rue Saint-Laurent, sud de Sainte-Catherine - à proximité du Monument-National et de la Société des arts technologiques (SAT)

    Origamilitantisme:  rêvons de la paix

    En collaboration avec le Cercle de Paix, nous invitons au public de venir exprimer vos idées sur la paix, la guerre, l`action civile, en forme de poésie, lettres, dessins, ensuite de faire des origamis et de participer à l`installation avec nous, entre 13h00 et 16h00 à la Place de la Paix. Arriver,  partir quand vous voulez…

    Nous sommes présentement au bord du  précipice d’une autre guerre au moyen-est, au monde arabe. Est-ce que le peuple Québécois ou Canadien a eu la chance de partager son opinion dans un forum public? Avez-vous une opinion forte (ou faible) là-dessus? Venez partager avec nous des pensées pour la paix.

    Origamilitantisme vous invite à participer dans une intervention publique qui se transformera en performance à Montpelier, Vermont au mois de janvier, 2014. 


    Origamilitantisme: Carolina Aponte, Melanie Murphy, Judith Brisson

     Tricot pour la paix
  • Atelier de tricot-graffiti lors de la Journée internationale de la paix.

    Gratuit et ouvert à tous !

    Date : Samedi, 21 septembre
    Heure : 13h - 17h
    Lieu : La Place de la Paix est située sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent, au sud de la rue Sainte-Catherine - à proximité du Monument-National et de la Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
    Site :

    Venez broder le mot PAIX en plusieurs langues et tricoter/assembler le foulard de l'amitié qui sera installé dans l'espace public.

    Tricot pour la paix

Parc Jeanne Mance

photo: Carolina Aponte

Nous serons au tam-tams demain au Parc Jeanne Mance vers 1h30 pour plier des origamis pour notre prochaine installation (au mois d’octobre). Venez nous rejoindre! Nous voulons inclure vos opinions et vos idées au sujet de la ville de Montréal, la politique, etc. Nous avons donc besoin de votre aide! Tout le monde est le bienvenu!

Hey peeps! We will be at the tam-tams tomorrow from 1:30-5:30 folding origami for our next major installation (in October). Come join us! We want to include opinions/problems/ideas about the city of Montreal so we need your input! Everyone is welcome 

Origamilitantisme: Nous voulons vos opinions!

photo: Melanie Murphy

Nous serons dans le parc au coin de Girouard et Monkland dimanche le 25 août, de 14h00 à 17h00. Passez nous voir pour quelques minutes, ou bien tout l'après-midi, pour jaser et faire de l'origami avec nous en route au "NDG ART WALK" du metro Villa Maria.

Nous cherchons une plus ample participation du public. Venez, partager vos idées, vos opinions de plusieurs sujets.. Nous avons des questions à vous poser.

Park Lafontaine

photo: Alex Tran


***Venez nous rencontrer ce dimanche le 18 août au Parc Lafontaine pour apprendre comment faire votre propre Origami Pélican! On vous attend en grand nombre à coté de la court de tennis du Parc Lafontaine de 14h à 18h.
Nous croyons fermement que chaque citoyen à quelque chose de précieux à exprimer par rapport à Montreal et c'est pour cela qu'Origamilitantisme aimerait connaître vos experiences et pensées par rapport au règlement P-6, la police de Montreal et les manifestants. Pour ce projet, nous vous invitons à écrire ou déssiner vos préoccupations sur nos papiers recyclés et de créer vos Origamis qui seront tous inclus dans une grande installation le 5 octobre durant le festival de "100 en 1 jour" à Montreal. (
Vos voix, opinions, connaissances et histoires forment le coeur de notre belle ville dynamique. 

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!


***Come join us at Park Lafontaine on Sunday August 18th and learn how to make your very own Origami Pelican! We will be on site from 2 pm until 6 pm right next to the tennis courts. 
We believe every person has something valuable to share about our city and Origamilitantisme would especially like to know your experience with P-6, police and protesters alike through this Origami project. We invite you to write or draw these concerns on the recycled paper that we will provide and then you can create your own Origami Pelican which will be included in an outdoor installation on October 5th in collaboration with "100 en 1 jour, Montreal 2013" (
Your voice, opinion, knowledge and stories are what make our city so vibrant and meaningful. Every person counts.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Occupons Parc Molson

Durant cette installation nous avons fait un tournage avec le bel équipe de « Les Nouveaux Explorateurs », animé par Alexandra Leroux. Cette émission passera à la télé, probablement au mois de janvier, 2014. Nous avons hâte à la voir! On vous informera de la date de l’émission aussitôt que c’est confirmé. Merci à Alexandra Leroux, Damien de Madeiros et le reste de leur équipe!

 By Occupons LeCoeurdel'Île

"Occupons le Coeur de l'Île vous convie à une réoccupation du Parc Molson du 12 au 14 juillet 2013. Donnons la parole aux citoyennes, aux citoyens.

Comme l'an dernier, nous vous convions à des ateliers, documentaires, discussions, micro ouvert, expressions artistiques, spectacles, implication sociale et au partage.

La Cuisine du peuple et la Chorale du peuple seront présentes, nous vous encourageons à vous y joindre.

Plus de détails seront dévoilés au fil des jours sur cette page.

Vous désirez offrir ou participer à un atelier sur un sujet social, environnemental ou politique, nous avons une plateforme pour vous inscrire:

Cliquez sur «Join» ou «Rejoignez-nous» dans le coin supérieur droit de la page du Meetup et un administrateur confirmera votre inscription...

Si vous avez besoin d'aide vous pouvez nous contacter par messagerie privée FB ou par courriel: ou sur la page du groupe Occupons le Coeur de l'Île:"

Manifestation du 9 juin 2013

"La ville n’appartient pas à ceux et celles qui l’habitent et l’animent. La ville est le terrain de jeux des promoteurs et spéculateurs. Qu’on soit de St-Henri ou d’Hochelaga. Qu’on habite sur Jarry, sur Villeneuve ou sur Côte-des-Neiges, être locataire à Montréal c’est de plus en plus difficile. Pendant qu’on peine à payer le loyer ou à en trouver un qu’on est capable de payer, les développements de condos poussent comme des champignons.

Nos quartiers se transforment, et les résidantes et résidants de longue date sont souvent forcé-e-s de les quitter, faute de pouvoir s’y loger. Quand on y reste, on ne reconnait plus la rue principale ni le resto du coin et sa faune d’habitué-e-s qui ont dû laisser leur place à un petit café branché parce que le loyer a doublé.

Le 1er juin, on se réapproprie la ville! Plus question de laisser des terrains et des bâtiments vacants pendant que des milliers de personnes sont mal-logées! Plus question de laisser les spéculateurs s’enrichir aux dépends des plus pauvres! Plus question de laisser les promoteurs et les administrations publiques transformer nos quartiers! Plus question de traiter la ville comme une marchandise!

Le 1er juin, on s’installe et on ne bouge plus! Rendez-vous à 14h au métro Lionel-Groulx pour une marche et une action surprise!"

À qui la ville? Manif et action surprise!  By Popir Comité Logement

    Credit: Carolina Aponte

Letter of Intent – Origamilitantisme

Origami is a traditional Japanese art form involving the folding and/or moulding of squares of paper to produce a three-dimensional object, often an animal or geometric figure. Although not traditionally associated with Zen Buddhism, but more with cultural events such as weddings, funerals, or well-wishing for sick patients, origami nonetheless has a meditative appeal, both in its symbolic meaning and in the practice of paper-folding itself.

The repetitive nature of having to produce hundreds of paper Pelicans for a performance event is a meditation in and of itself, involving many hours of quiet activity and contemplation. The quiet folding transcends the body and infuses the mind with a spirit of peace. As such, we enter the fray of a public demonstration to deliver a peaceful message by peaceful means, adding joy and colour to an often chaotic and aggressive atmosphere.

This action stands in counterpoint to what we have often seen in the streets of Montreal over the past year, on the part of both police and protesters alike, during the various public protests that have taken place. Often associated with the wish for healing, the origami performances of Origamilitantisme are intended to inspire a nonviolent resolution to the conflicts that exist in our community today, particularly around the limits placed on the freedoms of association, assembly and expression as restricted in the municipal bylaw P-6.

Red cranes were dropped on the ground, they're made of spvm code of responsibilities

Artistic Approach - Origamilitantisme:

Action on the 22nd of April, 2013

Title: Protesting Pelicans

Total Dimension of on site installation: approximately 40 feet long x 10 feet wide
Material used: Red Paper squares (8.5 inches x 8.5 inches) turned into Origami Pelicans totaling in 800 Origami Pelicans

Text inside Origami: On the one side of the red square you will find article 48 from the Police code of conduct (2000, c. 12, a. 48.) and on the other side you will read the SPVM’s vision, definition, roles and responsibilities towards Montrealers which is taken from their own website.

Origamilitantisme is a collaboration of several artists and activists fighting against the present municipal bylaw P-6 in Montreal. During recent protests, our actions and artistic performances in public spaces have allowed us to represent our fundamental human rights to freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought and peaceful assembly.

The use of Origami and Art as key catalysts for social change cultivates awareness, discourse and action in support of the recent protests in and around the Montreal area.

The Pelican has been chosen as the first Origami symbol for our performances because it represents teamwork, group dynamics, regeneration, and resourcefulness. The Pelican also speaks of resilience and determination.

As you unfold the Origami, the paper Pelican transforms into a red square which is the primary symbol used in the student protests. On the one side of the red square you will find article 48 from the Police code of conduct (2000, c. 12, a. 48.) and on the other side you will read the SPVM’s vision, definition, roles and responsibilities towards Montrealers which is taken from their own website. Origamilitantisme wishes to remind the SPVM once again of their promised commitment to ensure a respectful and harmonious relationship with all Montrealers including present protesters.

Throughout the summer and fall 2013, Origamilitantisme will continue its pursuit and use of peaceful resistance during the various protests in and around Montreal. Each performance and action will be unique for each protest; the texts on the paper will change depending on the development of the municipal bylaw P-6 as well as the various events occurring in and around the many protests. Consequently to these happenings, the Origami model will develop as well; changing form, color and size. The performance and action will also evolve in accordance to the complicated relationship between the protesters and the police. We believe these changes are symbolic to the continued solidarity and commitment of the protesters and the support of our rights and freedom of assembly, expression, thought and democratizing our public spaces.

For our next intervention, Origamilitantisme will be using yellow Origami Pelicans; with these bright colored birds will hold a new text and image inside. If you would like to see more images of the new Origamilitantisme performances please go to our Facebook page to view more recent documentation of the event.

*** We invite you to also listen to our interview with CKUT radio (90.3 fm) recorded live at the Hotel de Ville Protest against P-6 on Monday April 22nd/2013. You can follow this link and listen from minute 39 to min 44. Interview lasts about 5 minutes discussing our Collective and objectives.